Estate Sales

The term 'estate sale' has taken on a generic meaning that includes moving sales and downsizing sales which are conducted out of the home or residence. stages the home to display the items offered for sale, while being mindful of traffic patterns of shoppers and recognizing/addressing safety concerns (of both property and individuals).  Our appraisers then price the items relative to their fair market value with the goal being to the maximum the return to the seller while providing a reasonable price for the buyer. Prices are typically discounted on the second and subsequent days of the sale. Estate sales can run anywhere from two days to several weekends, depending on the volume and value of the items to be sold.

Online Auction

Online auctions are becoming more popular due to the their ability to reach a wider audience, while completely liquidating all items for sale. There is no need to open the home or residence to hundreds of shoppers, as individuals who are interested in the items being offered can simply competitively and conveniently bid on them from their computer or phone. At the conclusion of the online auction process (typically about one week), winning bidders show up according to the schedule and remove the items they've won. does all the work by taking photos of the items to be sold, writing the descriptions, uploading the auction to the internet, advertising and providing staffing to direct and assist  buyers picking up the items they've won. Items may also be removed from the residence for inclusion in one of our monthly online auction warehouse sales.


Don't throw it away or donate it - yet.

When confronted with the need or desire to liquidate items, many individuals believe the first step is to donate and/or throw away the items that don't have value. STOP! Big mistake. We strongly urge you to please not dispose of anything if you're considering having a sale. After we've had an opportunity to try and sell it or match it up to something you may not know what it goes to - that is the perfect time to make a trip to or call the donation center. Don't throw those dollars away. You'd be surprised at what sells!

Have questions?

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